Case Study – Enhancing Mobile Connectivity – Luxury Living

Client Overview 

Situated in the North Shore of Sydney, this site offers a luxurious independent living experience for over 55s. Known for its resort-style facilities, first-class amenities, and a commitment to a high standard of living, The property enables residents to lead active, meaningful, and socially engaged lives in a secure and private environment.

The Challenge

As a new establishment, residents experienced no mobile signal in their apartments and car park areas. This issue impacted an otherwise idyllic lifestyle. 

The Process

Wireless Connect’s approach to resolving this issue began with a phone consultation, followed by a price estimate. A comprehensive site survey was then conducted to understand the specific connectivity needs of the facility, culminating in a detailed quote.

Implementation Timeline

  • Duration: The project was completed within 4 weeks, demonstrating efficiency and minimal disruption to the residents.

The Solution 

A Hybrid Cel-Fi system was installed, consisting of 3 external antennas and 20 internal distribution antennas. This system was chosen for its effectiveness and cost-efficiency, ensuring that the solution was within the client’s budget while addressing the connectivity issues comprehensively.

The Hybrid Cel-Fi system was selected as the most cost-effective solution for the site.  It provided the necessary coverage without excessive expenditure, aligning with the client’s desire for a practical and economical solution.

The Outcome 

The installation of the Hybrid Cel-Fi system resulted in full coverage for all mobile carriers in all areas of concern, including apartments and car park areas. This outcome not only resolved the immediate connectivity issues but also enhanced the overall living experience for the residents. 

This case study highlights Wireless Connect’s ability to deliver tailored connectivity solutions in a timely and efficient manner. By understanding the unique needs of client and end users and implementing a suitable technology, Wireless Connect ensured that the residents could enjoy uninterrupted mobile connectivity, aligning with the community’s standard of luxury and convenience.

Are you facing similar connectivity challenges in your residential community or commercial property? Contact Wireless Connect for a customised solution that ensures seamless mobile communication, enhancing the living and working experience for everyone involved.

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