Case Study: Enhancing Mobile Connectivity in Aged Care

Client Overview

A respected national provider in the Aged Care sector operates one of its Villages in regional NSW. This facility is dedicated to offering compassionate and comprehensive care to the elderly, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment. As part of its commitment to excellence, the Village strives to provide facilities that are not only comfortable but also well-equipped with modern amenities and technologies.

The Challenge

A significant issue was impacting the daily operations and overall experience of residents, staff, and visitors: poor mobile phone reception throughout the facility. 

The Process

Wireless Connect was approached to find a solution to this problem. The process began with an in-depth site survey to understand the layout and specific connectivity needs of the facility. This was followed by a detailed quote, laying out the design of the proposed solution and associated costs.

Implementation Timeline

  • Duration: The project was completed within a 4-week timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to the facility’s operations.

The Solution

The chosen solution was the installation of multiple Cel-fi G41 Hybrid Head Ends, strategically placed throughout the building and connected via a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) cabling network. This setup was designed to provide comprehensive coverage across the entire complex.

The Cel-fi G41 system was selected for its effectiveness in covering large areas and its ability to provide a strong and consistent signal throughout the facility. This solution was deemed the most efficient and cost-effective way to address the widespread connectivity issues.

The Outcome

The implementation of the Cel-fi G41 system led to a complete transformation in mobile connectivity. Full coverage was achieved throughout the entire complex, including critical back-of-house areas. This enhancement significantly improved communication capabilities, contributing positively to the operational efficiency of the staff and the overall experience of residents and visitors.

This case study demonstrates Wireless Connect’s ability to deliver effective connectivity solutions in complex environments like aged care facilities. By understanding the unique challenges faced by their clients and implementing an appropriate technological solution, Wireless Connect played an essential role in enhancing the quality of care and communication within the facility.

Are you experiencing similar connectivity challenges in your aged care facility or other complex environments? Reach out to Wireless Connect for a customised solution that ensures seamless mobile communication, enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

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