Mobile Data Antennas

Wireless Connect provides a range of mobile data antennas for connectivity to communications devices such as routers, in cases where they are used for the main supply of communications data, or backup comms devices or to communicate information in monitored systems such as fire alarms, sewerage plant alarms and other infrastructure requiring secure, reliable data transmission.

If the structure or premises relies upon a 4G or 4GX mobile router with an external antenna, it is very likely that higher speeds can be obtained by deploying a mobile data antenna.

Wireless Connect can install a set of external 4G antennas with very low loss, high quality cable which will be connected directly into the mobile router. The antennas are then tuned utilizing our testing equipment to the nearest Macro mobile tower to provide the strongest possible signal to the router, increasing the speed and reliability of the connection.

Our mobile data antennas are generally a MIMO (Multiple in and Multiple out) antenna system, often deployed on the roof top of the premises housing the router.

MIMO antennas are designed specifically for 4G and 4GX devices with two antenna ports and suit all carriers that offer 4G and 4GX service.

Amplify your mobile connectivity for optimal performance with Wireless Connect

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