Mobile Repeaters Residential

Our Mobile solutions come in a variety of configurations including single frequency 3G or 4G repeaters, right up to commercial grade devices capable of repeating multiple 3G or 4G frequencies simultaneously.

Depending on the specific needs of our customers, coverage area varies from 1000sqm using our Domestic G31 and G32 Units up to 3000sqm for the Commercial G41 Unit. Multiple signal distribution antennas can be installed on the same system depending on demand.

After an initial phone consultation, we conduct a remote survey of your site and establish the best options depending on individual circumstances. If the property can be serviced by available network towers, we are able to provide a cost-effective solution for black spots and poor connectivity.

Once the best solution has been established, we arrange for a Technician to visit your home to conduct an onsite signal test. This allows us to provide a firm price prior to installation, with no surprises. Our Technicians vehicles are fully equipped to complete the installation of your repeater system on the same day- weather and scheduling permitted.

If our Technician finds that the available signal strength is not strong enough, we will advise that the installation would not improve your situation and there will be no charge.

Amplify your mobile connectivity for optimal performance with Wireless Connect

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