Case Study: 5G Connectivity – In Manufacturing 

Client Overview

A distinguished business with over fifty years of history, stands at the forefront of manufacturing in Australia. Renowned for their innovation in design and manufacturing efficiencies. 

The Challenge

Despite their success, the client faced a significant hurdle in their Silverwater facility: inconsistent mobile service and slow internet connectivity. This issue was particularly pressing as their operations heavily depended on effective communication and timely data transfer, as all of the staff needed to use cellular data. The existing mobile connectivity setup was proving to be a bottleneck in their otherwise efficient operation.

The Process

Wireless Connect approached the problem with a systematic process:

  • Desktop Survey: Initial assessment to understand the specific needs and existing infrastructure.
  • Site Survey and Signal Test: A thorough on-site evaluation to gauge the extent of connectivity issues.
  • Quote and Installation: A clear, concise proposal followed by swift installation.
  • Product Chosen: Cel-Fi G51, a 5G solution through Telstra, was selected for its capability to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Implementation Timeline

  • Installation Duration: 1 day
  • Total Project Duration: 3 weeks from initial contact to final approval and implementation.

The Solution

The solution chosen was the Cel-Fi G51, a state-of-the-art 5G repeater through Telstra. This product was selected for its ability to provide the required 5G coverage, ensuring seamless connectivity for their operations.

The Outcome

The implementation of the Cel-Fi G51 transformed the clients connectivity experience. The client reported complete satisfaction with the new system, the 5G solution exceeded their requirements, and their staff could now efficiently use their mobile phones without any connectivity issues. Here is a breakdown of what was achieved after boosting its site’s connectivity: 

  • Client Satisfaction: Customer expressed high satisfaction with the implemented solution.
  • 5G Approval: The solution received approval for its effectiveness in enhancing 5G coverage.


This case study highlights Wireless Connect’s ability to deliver tailored, effective solutions swiftly and efficiently. By understanding the unique needs of their clients and implementing cutting-edge technology, Wireless Connect ensures that businesses can operate at their full potential, unhindered by connectivity issues.

Are you facing similar connectivity challenges in your business? Don’t let poor mobile signals hinder your operational efficiency. Contact Wireless Connect today for a customised solution that fits your unique needs, ensuring your business stays connected and competitive. 

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